Product Lifecycle Management PAAS

In the highly competitive retail and Consumer Packaged good industry the launch of each product involves a huge branding exercise. The availability of the package is a vital element to meet the timelines of the product launch, at the same time the packaging design is also the most critical factor in the brand communication. The number of stakeholders in designing the package is high, increasing the complexity of the approval process and putting pressure on the timelines.

Manipal Technologies Limited offers a Product Lifecycle Management Platform-As-A-Service to handle the complicated process of the designing and producing packages for new product launches and to help with the subsequent changes. Our JV with Sun Branding Technologies enables us to provide the ODIN PLC Management platform services to our clients. The technology focuses on creating a transparent environment so as to collectively drive the organization to produce the best possible output in the given timeline. The application runs via a web browser making it easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

We at Manipal Technologies Limited understand that the brand managers need to concentrate on the critical task of the product development and their valuable time should not be spent on chasing the approval process. The PLC management platform provides just the kind of environment to enable your organization to concentrate more on the development of the product & branding rather than worry about the timelines.

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