Loyalty Solution

Loyalty Program is a structured marketing effort to acquire and retain the customers. Customers are incentivized in form of loyalty points on each purchase, referral etc. The loyalty points are redeemable in form of cash , discount against purchase, merchandize etc. The program can be card less (mobile number driven) or card based (simple plastic card, Magstripe card, NFC card). Fast to implement and lower costs. Standardized and comprehensive. Versatile & Scalable – A fit for all industries

At Manipal Technologies Limited, we offer unique loyalty solutions that help you with the marketing of your product and soon establish a brand of its own.

  • Data analytics provided by us helps you formulate targeted loyalty programs

  • Sophisticated technology in place for providing the perfect solution

  • Customised technology to suit client requirements as well as the targeted ROI needs

  • Our robust technology provides you with a personalised loyalty program within the customer base as well as industry

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