Loyalty / Club membership cards

‘Customer is the king’ is the mantra in today’s highly competitive world of business. Come what may, customers get the topmost priority since they are the foremost stakeholders in the market. Therefore, retailers and service providers find innovative ways to keep them engaged. One of them is offering loyalty programs that are facilitated using plastic cards. These cards store customer information so as to allow the providers to offer customized deals and offers to the clients.

Manipal Technologies Limited provide the clients with these plastic, paper and even smart cards that have different security features like hologram seal, signature panel, barcode, invisible logo, etc. in-built. These cards can be used for different applications like facilitating transactions, retaining member points and even identification of a club member. These cards, being the ambassadors of your brands we do not compromise on the quality and ensure that your brand is enhanced by the same. Since our card facility is the largest in the country we have some of the illustrious organizations in the retail segment as our partners.

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