Pre Press & Pre Media

Manipal Technologies Limited provides a comprehensive range of services for executing all levels of content production from traditional pre-media, and page composition to addressing the need for more integrated and technical production workflows are offered. Our proven processes provide complete end-to-end media solutions by applying the necessary skilled resources, and bringing together people, craft, technology and most importantly global collaboration. The pre-press services suite includes everything from designing and image retouching to proofing and CTP.

Our technology services include iPhone, iPad applications and website development, along with RIA and RFID solutions that deliver the most value to our global customers. Manipal Technologies Limited wide range of digital publishing services is customized to each customer’s unique situation and aims to deliver efficiencies through process improvements & lower costs. Innovative multimedia & Interactive services include 2D & 3D animations.

For each organization, the creative and production process is vastly different. Manipal Technologies Limited understands those differences, and has both the skilled staff and technology to support such variation. Our staff becomes an extension of yours – we bring our people resources and integrate them with the technology that drives new levels of efficiency.

Tell us your requirements. Get a Demo customized as per your requirements.