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India’s emergence as a prominent economic and cultural force in the global landscape is largely driven by the technology-led initiatives being fostered by the government. In this transformative era of e-Governance, Manipal Technologies Limited is a proud pioneer in developing smart, innovative, and secure technological solutions that solve the complex challenges faced by the government, communities, and citizens.

#Unique Identity Cards

From Personal Identity Cards, EPIC Cards (Election Commission of India) and National Population Registry Cards (NPR) to Citizen Cards, we do it all and we do it with high trust, quality, security, and durability that provides power and control to you.

#Government Scheme Cards

To improve financial inclusivity, our Government Scheme Cards are made with automated technology, using stringent quality control measures, by a highly trained staff to ensure world-class quality.

#Food and Health Card

From Ration Cards to high technology enabled QR Code Based Ration Cards or Health Cards, we are helping the government in its mission of creating wider empowerment and transformational impact.

#Kisan E-commerce Card

To empower farmers in accessing short-term loans, our Kisan Credit Cards, and India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) Cards are produced in a highly secure environment using innovative technology and tools.

#Travel and Transport Card

We manufacture and produce high volumes of travel and transport cards like Polycarbonate Driving License and Registration Certificate Cards, DL & RC Cards, METRO/Transport Cards, and Contact 64k SCOSTA Cards that also serve as official personal IDs.

#Integrated Transit Management System

Our video surveillance city-wide integrated Intelligent Transit Management System Software (ITMS) uses AIS 140 Certified ATD GPS devices to make traveling a safe and smart affair by managing a diverse set of transportation needs, including traffic monitoring and violation detection.

#Bus Passes

We produce and provide a large volume of bus passes with high-tech security features embedded in them such as anti-copy, barcodes to micro-line, along with regular tickets and booklets for seasonal passes on different types of secure paper.

#Boarding Passes

With high-end security features, we produce and transport high-quality boarding passes in a secure and safe environment with zero mislay chances.

#Thermal Rolls

We produce customized thermal rolls for various applications like ATMs, bus tickets, retail bills etc., in thickness ranging from 58-170 gsm with a width from 25.4mm to 460 mm.

#Paper Based Labels With Hologram

We provide self-adhesive paper label holograms that can be used as a seal or as an information label, whilst offering a high degree of authenticity and advanced security features.

#Polyester Based Labels

Our range of polyester labels provide important information like warnings, safety messages, operational instructions for consumers and branding, and for identification of products.

# Tobacco Tax Stamps

We are the leading manufacturer of Tobacco Tax Stamps in India. Our high security tax stamps help the statutory bodies in combating the illicit tobacco trade and enable them to keep a tab on tobacco price regulations.

#Hot stamping Holograms

We produce highly secure, standardized, versatile and precise Hot Stamping Holograms that are used in EPIC and Unique Identity cards. These holograms offer a high degree of personalization and customization options.

#Tamper Evident Hologram Labels

we produce a high volume of tamper-evident security labels that use combinations of colors and release residues, to provide protection against counterfeiting.

#Paper Based Hologram Labels

Our Paper Based Hologram Labels are ideal for additional holographic scratch labels that are used in food and beverage packaging.

Track and Trace

#Track and Trace

Manipal Technologies Limited’s high-end and immensely customizable track and trace software is a web-based application that allows you to efficiently track the movement of the product from its origin to the shop dealers, at high speed and in real-time.

#Vehicle Emissions Management System

Manipal Technologies Limited’s uniquely designed and precisely engineered solutions enable you to track, manage and optimize the performances of your state-wide stakeholders through an integrated platform.

#Excise Retail Inventory Management System (ERIMS)

Our ERIMS solution provides a state-wide, web-based solution that ensures the availability of Temporal Analytics on SKU/ brand-wise inventory & sales. This system enables a high degree of control, visibility, and efficiency to liquor retail owners in managing wastage, expiry and seasonal sales.

#Secure Land Records/Pattadar

Our high security system ensures the genuineness of the land records at district, block, and panchayat levels, and prevents their duplication.

#Visa Stickers

Our state-of-the-art production facility is trusted by multiple government institutions when it comes to the printing of high quality and secure Visa Stamps.

#Secure Permit Passes

We print high-end security passes for government departments which have embedded security features, making them foolproof and impossible to duplicate.

#Vehicle Fitness Certificate/Stickers

We produce vehicle health and functioning certifications, that are in line with the guidelines of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), in a top-notch secure environment that conform to the standards of vehicle safety and emissions.