Secure Identification, Authorization & Authentication Solution

In association with Miri Systems


Secure ID is an easy-to-use, safe and secure identification and authentication product solution that uniquely identifies and authenticates the user, ensuring identity protection and security. SecureID can be used for financial services, insurance, healthcare, government programs, transportation and myriad of other services where secure personal identification is required. It lets consumers securely and anonymously access their accounts.

A simple click of a button generates and transmits a Secure ID number that is valid for one time use only. Secure ID can be implemented during user logon process as login credentials. Using Secure ID, customers can login securely from any public or private computer. Secure ID dynamic number effectively reduces malware programs from stealing sensitive data.


Salient features:

  • Flexible and Easy-to-Use
  • Available as a Local App for mobile platforms
  • Unique Secure ID Number for each Transaction
  • Auditing & Fraud Detection on User Activities


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