CUG Prepaid Card Issuance and Management

A Closed User Group (CUG) based prepaid card issuance and management is meant for a specific targeted group. This can server the purpose of Campus Cards, Employee Food Coupons, CUG Gift cards, KCC, JLG, SHG or any kind of loan disbursement on its own or in collaboration with any NBFCs



The end to end solution of the prepaid card and transaction acquiring of these cards on GPRS POS devices ensures the deposit/withdrawal by right beneficiary and offers ease of maintenance and alternate channel to sell product offerings


Service Offerings:

  • Closed user group (CUG) prepaid card issuance life cycle management
  • Instant card issuance and management (welcome kit)
  • GPRS/PSTN POS terminals: procurement and terminal application development
  • Field services to deploy and manage POS terminals at the merchant establishments
  • Switching and other transaction processing services including: settlement and reconciliation, dispute and chargeback handling
  • Helpdesk / call centre services
  • Hosted NAC services


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