The New Transport Revolution

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Smart Transport Solutions

MTL’s contribution to Transport Industry has been in a combination of providing technological advancements, hardware components, software development, management, and integrated tools to offer people the best-in-class services. The Intelligent Transportation System uses the application of data and communications technologies to manage and control items that are typically independent of each other, such as vehicles, security, and routes. The transport industry is constantly developing, evolving, and getting smarter to encompass the tools, improvements, and methods to offer safe and smart travel. Traveling in a metro city is becoming safe, smooth, and smarter with the implantation and innovation of new solutions and processes.

#Vehicle Tracking System

Our Vehicle Tracking System helps get detailed statistics including the health of your car, live location, knowing drivers’ positions, diverted turns, queues in traffic, location tracking along with ETA information while monitoring the length of stops or any unauthorized breaks.

#Passenger Information System

Manipal Technologies Limited is proficient in building the solution that gets you the most. We offer a mobile application that is specifically designed and developed to be used through a smartphone or tablet to keep track of the respective passenger and their information to stay alert.

#Mobile Application (Android and iOS)

Our solution enables the mobile app for the public to offer bus scheduling, tracking the bus, SOS button for panic alerts with ETA information, and a route planner including Android and iOS capability. The use of contemporary automated technology offers services in a contactless manner for bus transportation. It also comes with a panic button to manage surveillance system components in the event of an emergency.

#Planning and Scheduling Software

The software helps in optimizing the required advanced planning and scheduling functionality to benefit the most from using this software.

#AVLS Software

Manipal Technologies Limited’s AVLS software (Automatic vehicle location system) uses GPS devices and a GPRS network to help locate the vehicle’s position by using the Internet.

#Bus Operation and Planning Software

The BOAP software offers the best planning and operation for bus transport with full integration to securely manage passengers. The operations part of the transport business helps in functioning, accounting, administration, communications, and data processing.

#MIS Reports and Dashboards

Our one-of-a-kind MIS reports and dashboard system offer visual insights into the data stored by the Management Information System which can be used to gain insights and help authorities monitor, analyze and optimize transit operations.


To keep the records organized and planned, we offer Masters which are base records containing a list of different entities in the organization like users, depots, and vehicles, and can be created and updated by the system administrator.


We understand that a seamless experience is what you desire as the Indian population is largely dependent on the public transport system for commutation purposes. With AFC [Automatic Fare Collection] VTS [Vehicle Tracking System] and PIS [Passenger Info System] we offer Planning and Scheduling, VHMS, Parking, Inventory, and Maintenance services.


We help you save time and energy by providing the hardware that offers a seamless experience. From ETM [Electronic Ticketing Machines], GPS devices, LED displays to other relevant hardware for card issuance/personalization, you name it, we deliver.


From Smart Cards, and NCMC cards through issuing banks to thermal rolls for ticketing machines, we offer consumable materials that are physically used up in the performance of maintenance on, or in the operation of equipment or machinery.

#Service and Support

All geared to handle the ever-changing travel requirements, From field operations with the Help Desk to technical support and more, we provide services that create a least restrictive system.