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Begin your journey with us in the new world of publishing! Manipal Technology Limited has one of India’s best publishing wings that produces a high volume of publishing items of different varieties. We are pioneers that help turn people into brands and stories into books. From publishing best sellers to groundbreaking award-winning books and novels, we help publishers around the globe leave a lasting impact. With the most advanced print-on-demand technology, cutting-edge quality, and durability, indistinguishable inside and out, our fast & efficient services worldwide publish your requirements with speed and rel... show more

Wide Variety of Printing

#Web Offset Printing

At Manipal Technologies Limited, we offer web offset printing for high-volume publications such as mass-market books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and brochures. We are committed to web offset printing for our customers with the best in the industry. Rest assured your high-volume jobs are in good hands with us.

#Sheet Fed Offset

Over the years, we have continuously reinvested to keep up with the latest technology and innovation that the print industry has to offer. Our Sheet Feed Offset presses produce consistent results of the highest quality.

#Digital Printing

We offer unparalleled quality and versatility with a full array of digital printing options to save time and money with consistently high-quality printing, and advanced interface systems to shorten the production time, we offer digital printing services for efficient operation.

#Soft Cover

Low cost but has a professional high-quality look and feel, the soft cover binding offers pages that are glued together. A strong yet flexible go-to binding for corporate annual reports, brochures, manuals, and more.

#Hard Cover

Protective and strong, a hardcover binding book comes with rigid protective covers and is hard to fold. Lasts longer than expected!

#Saddle Stitching

We offer you a durable and cost-effective saddle stitching binding service which is a great partner for your reading and writing activities. The binding is also very durable.

#Coptic Binding

Flat, flexible, and whatnot? Books with Coptic binding not only lie completely flat when opened but also have the property to fold back on themselves without affecting the pages.

#Library Binding

We at Manipal Technologies Limited are committed to offering the best of our services. Our high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes produce books with library binding that are highly durable and can withstand the test of time.

#Spiral/Wiro Binding

Offering our best-in-class spiral binding services for books using a spiral, a common method for joining the pages resulting in long-lasting books and high-end finish.

#Flexi Binding

Flexi binding or our Flexibound books is a bookbinding style that offers you low-cost, high-end finishing touch for the books that lasts longer.

#Spot UV

Techniques that make a difference! We at Manipal Technologies offer world-class Spot UV services which contain the application of a clear polymer coating to an area of a printed piece to highlight and provide an outstanding look. Make your product stand out with our top-class outstanding techniques.


Your satisfaction is our #1 priority! We believe in the art of combining creativity and innovation. we bring ideas to life by offering embossing services that involve the art of producing raised patterns on the surface of various materials to create a unique visual and textural impact, hence making you stand out.

#Drip Off UV

Technique-driven, keeping up with technology! We offer the best class Drip Off UV services that speak for themselves. We provide a world-class technique that is efficient with eye-catching effects with a quick technique to produce attractive images. No matter what, we want to make it right and make it memorable, for you.

#Metallic Effect (MetPet)

Going above and beyond to deliver excellence! We believe in creating lasting impressions on people we work with and to do the same, we offer metallic effects in our Value Added Services. The technique creates a visual sensation that is usually associated with a metallic shine that simulates the appearance of actual metal and grabs people’s attention with its lustrous look.

#Registered Fresnel Lens Effect

The experience you expect, the service we deliver! We believe in delivering efficient, affordable, and outstanding services. With that commitment, we offer Registered Fresnel service which gives the best results because it is technique-driven and keeps up with the latest high-end technology.

#Abrasive UV

We offer specialized services to make you stand out from the rest. With Abrasive UV service, you get to experience a never-like-before sand texture effect that can be used to highlight specific areas of a print.

#Edge Coloring

Serving and exceeding your expectations! We hold mastery in providing edge coloring to our customers to obtain an out-of-the-box and flawless final product. We at Manipal Technologies Limited make it right, and make it happen with top-notch technologically advanced machinery and a dedicated team.


Manipal Technologies Limited offers attractive, fresh, and lively concepts to meet corporate demands with customization and personalization by creating out-of-the-box finishings with a combination of horizontal, vertical, or crossed lines on the surface of a workpiece.

#Shortrun Digital Print

At Manipal Technologies Limited we believe in continuously reinventing and recreating new processes to keep up with the latest technological evolution. Shortrun Digital Print allows you to print and produce small volumes as low as one copy quickly and affordably. We have a dedicated state-of-the-art facility to handle Shortrun Digital Print requirements end-to-end. We have both an inkjet and LaserJet print facility optimally located across the country to help expand reach with best-in-class delivery timelines.

#Online Book Distribution Through One Book Model

Through BOOKNETZ which is India’s Largest Online distribution company with the One Book Model, we have complete offerings to cover the Writer to Reader chain with value additions. We generate sales for Authors/ Publishers by selling their titles through E-Commerce channels (Amazon, Flipkart, etc.) including our own channel in the Indian market and with a Print On-demand model. With zero inventory cost and zero upfront cost, your complete catalog is available in the Indian market for sale.

Warehousing And Distribution For B2B and B2C Logistics

#Automated Warehouse Management Solution For B2B And B2C

Our commitment to quality helps in delivering premium services. We provide robust automated warehousing solutions for Publishers and direct consumers as last-mile delivery under Online Book Distribution.