Open Your Eyes! It’s A Printed World!

Asif Khan

June 24, 2022

Opening the front door every morning with excitement to grab the paper and read it with the first warm tea of the day because tea tastes better with a newspaper next to it. Every day begins and ends with print following a daily bedtime reading routine that not just relaxes but also helps one doze off to sleep. With so much information flowing and causing digital fatigue, the physical media is the only option to pick and choose what you read at your convenient time.

You will be surprised to know that the global printing industry is expected to reach more than $820 billion by 2022, driven by growth in packaging and labels, rather than graphic applications, as per the market reports. Not only this the global commercial printing market reached a value of more than $750 billion in 2021.

Real or physical media creates a deeper and longer impact! Print rules everywhere, from schools, shops, hoardings, packaging, and labels to printing services and solutions in brochures, dairy, calendars, catalogs, banking cards, national IDs, and secure printing. But isn’t it surprising to note how the human brain responds to print? Studies have shown that the human brain remembers manual i.e., physical hard copies with much accuracy. Our brain is wired in such a way that the ‘real’ or physical media creates a deeper and longer impact and meaning in the brain. It provides an emotional connection and longevity that you cannot replicate on the digital screen. I would say that print in fact has the potential to disrupt and make a long-lasting impact than other digital media channels.

Print is an experience. It’s a feeling that the web can’t match You can smell the ink and feel the paper. A customer with a shopping bag, or a warm pizza in a box or let’s just say the cover of your favorite chocolate, from shampoo bottles to the big books, almost everything that we have around is printed. And guess what, no hassle to need Wi-Fi to access the information because newspapers do the thing with a warm cup of tea. It is a lifestyle that will never go out of style! A major section of today’s population prefers to read printed books to their children and not read through electronic devices to avoid exhaustion that occurs after prolonged screen time also termed digital fatigue. The prolonged use of screens adversely affects a child’s vision and is a matter of concern for parents around the world. With time the industry has evolved, taking all its lessons positively. In today’s world now printing just a single book on-demand is the new norm! Today, the print industry is already using technology to consciously evolve and deliver the right experience for its customers. The industry is continuously innovating and embracing technology to offer a new-age printing experience to the users. Not everyone has the access to mobile and the internet! Let’s take a step forward and now imagine a kid living in rural parts of the country or a mountain high, a place where having a mobile is a luxury and internet connectivity is an issue. Do you think it is feasible for the kids there to use some other alternative to study instead of the printed books? Give it a thought. It is important to note that not everybody has the access to mobile and the internet. In these cases, print is the only reliable source to know what’s happening in the world. The printing industry has managed to maintain its credibility and is finding new ways to flourish alongside other mediums. It has been the oldest medium and will always have its own worth and mass audience.

A rollercoaster of tech, innovation, and reach! Imagine going for a drive on the road and there you see nothing except the vehicles, no printed hoardings, or flashy ads, does that make you a little uncomfortable to imagine? Yes, and now you know why. The print has an imperative and unique value. As per one of the studies, readers generally remember a print ad better than a digital one, even though they may have the same content! The print media ad spending grew more than 39% in 2021 as per industry reports. From 3D printing, and erasable printing technology to cost-effective printing going in prime demand, the concept of printing is just not restricted to the workplaces, but it has become an integral part of our homes as well with its undisputed reach. We all love printed stuff! Today, the print industry is bringing new innovations from new-age tech tools to innovation, logistics, and customization. Refilled with a new zeal, ready to innovate and integrate, the print industry is all set and ready to deliver an outstanding customer experience in 2022 and beyond. It’s time to open your eyes! Experience and feel the vibe of an exciting new world, all thanks to the ever-evolving print industry.