Fractals: Intelligent Fraud Detection

Card Fraud is rising at a frightening rate, initiatives such as EMV adoption and the organised nature of CNP fraud is resulting in an acceleration of new fraud patterns, reducing the effectiveness of existing detection systems. MTL has defined a new way forward to attack this challenging problem via its highly flexible Fractals product family.


Introducing Fractals:

  • Fractals is a complete solution to the problem of card fraud detection for issuers, acquirers and processors.
  • Fractals combines historical data and the experience of fraud officers with Alaric’s proprietary inference techniques based on new statistical methods and probability theory.
  • These techniques are an order of magnitude faster than traditional techniques, incur fewer ongoing costs and give a true indication to a case officer of what actually caused an alert.
  • Fractals provides a unified, comprehensive and effective real time solution to fraud detection.


Fractals key facts:

  • Issuer and Acquirer module in a single system
  • Certified as secure (PCI DSS)
  • Adaptive Classification Engine (ACE) provides intelligent detection and scoring component
  • User Rules and Power Rules Engine enables the creation of user defined detection rules to enhance the ACE detection
  • In-built self-learning helps in maintaining performance on continuous basis
  • Operates in real time, near real time and batch
  • 100% Java based, open standards object oriented design
  • Wide range of platforms supported including Stratus, IBM, Sun and HP
  • Platform independent solution
  • Suitable for single or multi-bank operation


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